Filming Day Two & Three

Too exhausted from shooting the last two days to write anything mildly coherent, I’ll leave you with a photo journal of our shooting. More soon. In the meantime, we are nearly 50% funded! Two weeks to go! Please think of donating here!


Turn Your Kid Into a Superhero for $300! NEW PERK

Every kid wants to be a superhero. So why not make them into one in a short film with an award-winning director for just $300? Seriously though, these videos are brilliantly executed and will make a memory your child will have forever.

Please share if you know anyone who might be interested.

If you’re in Paris, Berlin, or LA you’re eligible.

Our director, Laura Beckner, will spend the day with an aspiring kid auteur or actor crafting a short film and shooting it together. Then she will edit and add soundtrack, titles et voila!

For kids ages 6 and up (She’s open to babies but it would be much more avant-garde) in Los Angeles, Paris or Berlin.

Samples of her work are linked here:

Lennon the Superhero:


Parents can receive this “featured perk” by donating to the Indiegogo page here:

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Laura Directing a Music Video, Episode 1

Made for IGTV and saved for you! Laura takes us on her journey of finding a coffee in the Marais during “les vacances d’été”, finding interesting shots on every street corner, pulling her shot list together and the casting of the young male lead in the music video.